• FTRADER allows traders to execute calculus in Excel and at the same time is available on the Web. This is all integrated to provide more agility and security in performing calculations and analysis of Bond Market.


  • Web solution based on process management and information maintenance.
  • Control information and documents.
  • Greater visibility.
  • Calculus of daily price and Payments of all the bonds from the issue date to the maturity, with scenarios of values.
  • Coverage of all securities, such as: Debentures (public and private), CRI, CRA, CCI, CCB, PN, LF and others.
  • Gain of productivity in the processes management.

Price Engine

  • The Price Engine is a component of financial calculations with a set of methods for pricing titles and derivatives negotiated in the local and external markets. This component aims to meet, in particular, the needs of calculations of institutions that operate in the financial market in any part of the world. The solution performs MTM calculations, P&L, Exposure, Future Value, PV01, interpolation methods, Bootstrap, curves and miscellaneous other calculations for the bonds markets, public bonds, debentures, FIDC, CRI, CRA, LCI, LCA, add, CBD, CD, loans, FX, Futures, swaps, options, Cash Flow Swap and NDF.

Market Data

  • Automated process for accessing the Brazilian corporate securities information, with the characteristics of its emissions, corporate event notifications and reference prices. All made available in the appropriate format to the customer's need.

About Fincs

Reference in supporting investment decisions related to the corporate securities market

FINCS (Financial Components and Solutions) is a B2B Vertical SaaS FinTech company that, for more than 10 years, has been providing services for either Sell Side or Buy Side institutions, regardless their size or specialty.

Specialized in the development of software components and solutions for financial market institutions.

The main product is the Price Engine Solution, developed and consolidated over the course of its experience with large local and global financial institutions focused on the analysis of financial instruments in the Brazilian market.

FINCS services are available as SaaS and can be made available through web application, MS-Excel and / or webservices for integration with third-party applications.


Fabio Ferreira

Fabio Ferreira

Founder of Fincs, responsible for business strategy, contributes to the team in the development of new components and solutions

Economist, MBA in Finance and Specialist in Brazilian Securities and Derivatives, he worked as a trader, adviser and trainer for Capital Markets. At Unibanco, he worked for 9 years as a trader and also responsible for the development of business and structured products for the international and local distribution area.

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